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Cabin 7

Cosy Cabin

The campsite is surrounded by nature, but that doesn’t mean you can only swim in the sea and cook over a campfire. Cabin 7 is a perfect choice for anyone who loves nature and amenities in one package. Most importantly, it’s fully renovated, cosy, and a good place to be.

This holiday cabin is optimally accommodates 4: two couples, a family, a company… a group, the most important is to have a good time together, isn’t it? The cabin has two small bedrooms with 1 bunk bed in each. To make cooking as pleasant as possible, there’s a kitchenette to suit everyone’s needs, a living room to have fun in, and, finally, a bathroom for morning and evening rituals. The living room and bedroom areas have no doors, making it easy to communicate without leaving the room.

This holiday cabin will not only provide you with comfortable amenities, but also beautiful view from the terrace. It’s a great place not only to be with the company you love, but also to reflect and be with yourself. Allow yourself to experience maximum relaxation.

Cabin size


Max. people


Bunk beds


Coffee machine
Fjord view
Free Wi-Fi
Reservations calendar
1400 - 1500 nok / night

Beds are set only with pillows and duvets. Guests are welcome to bring their own linens and towels. Otherwise, it can be rented for an additional fee of 150nok/person. Please inform ahead if needed.